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Fuel Additives

Vijaydeep was set up in Hyderabad (India) in 2012 with good technical experts and well trained team to establish the good fuel savings and to encounter any sort of furnace related troubles.
Vijaydeep offers not only the supply of the fuel reduction agents & water treatment chemicals, but also (if required) providing technical services for furnace trouble shooting. Vijaydeep service includes monthly checkups to ensure the proper results which are committed by us.
Customer service was always Vijaydeep top priority and we promised to keep high quality products always.
We are manufacturing our Catalyzal fireside chemicals from selected grades of alkali earth metal salts & carbonates. Therefore catalyzal doesn’t react with metals and it is chemically inherent compound.
Our additive & Water treatment chemicals been tested and proven on many applications such as boilers, heaters, furnaces etc and given very encouraging results in terms of not only fuel savings, but also in elimination of un wanted shutdowns. Further it also is proven that heating surfaces which are fouled due to unwanted depositions are also cleaned in the process, there by giving optimum heat transfer.

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  • 1. Improves heat quality in system by altering properties of fuel and air.
  • 2. Increase heat intensity in the system by efficient heat generation and distribution.
  • 3. Alters heat generation frequency to the one which is easily absorbable by steel tubes in the boiler.
  • 4. Lower fuel consumption per ton of steam generation (production).
  • 5. Higher thermal efficiency of the furnace.
  • 6. Lower thermal stress in combustion chamber.
  • 7. Low clinker formation.
  • 8. High heat residence time in combustion chamber.
  • 9. Low unburnt carbon in ash.
  • 10. Low black smoke emission.
  • 11. Low shoot formation.


Our combustion enhancers are said to alleviate deposition and corrosion problems by the following mechanisms:

  • 1.Increases the combustion efficiency by lowering the fuel’s ignition temperatures.
  • 2. A reduction in soot is claimed to reduce fouling deposits as a more oxidizing environment gives rise to higher ash fusion temperatures
  • 3. Modification of the ash fusion temperature.
  • 4.Inducing crystal growth in liquid phases in a deposit to increase viscosity and thus reduce slagging.
  • 5. Removal of an individual component essential to deposit formation.
  • 6. Physical disruption of a deposit by forming weak cleavage planes.
  • 7. Preferential deposition of a high melting point protective layer on the convective surfaces.
  • 8. Reducing SO, formation by masking the catalytic iron oxide surfaces in the combustion chamber.
  • 9. Formation of more stable complexes with alkali sulphates.
Catalyzal will avoid the corrosion related problems by neutralize the Oxides of Alkaline like Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Aluminum form sulphate with SO3 present in flue gas (These are very corrosive at high temp on metal surfaces). And also prevents the air pre heater, economizer and stacks from serious blockages by eliminating the transformation and condensation of H2SO4

Catalyzal dosage system:

For Catalyzal dosing purpose a small dosing unit (for auto fired boilers only) would be required to feed the chemical quantity along with the fuel. It’s a single phase unit with 0.5 hp motor. Is to be installing on belt conveyor / on bunker / crushing unit / fuel pocket feeder.


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