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Vijaydeep is proudly an Indian company which incorporates many years of experience on fireside fuel additives(for coal/biomass/coke,etc.) & water treatment requirements for industrial / commercial, boiler and cooling water systems, on varied Indian water supplies/sources.
The continual growth of Vijaydeep has been achieved through our commitment to service and technical back up, as well as our very cost effective solutions. We offer a full service package from supply, installation, service of pre-treatment such as reverse osmosis to ion exchange water softeners, cooling tower dosing systems and tailored water treatment chemical requirements for boilers, ro water treatment, cooling tower plants and etp etc.

Vijaydeep offers not only the supply of the fuel reduction agents & water treatment chemicals, but also (if required) providing technical services for furnace trouble shooting. Vijaydeep service includes monthly checkups to ensure the proper results which are committed by us. ..Read More


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How does the Catalyzal(fuel additive) work?

Fuel Additive consists of various metal (M) and Alkaline metal (AM) components. Metal catalysts reduce the ignition temperature of the carbon from around 500oc to around 300oc. The alkaline earth metals modify the chemistry of clinkers (slag) and make them easily breakable and removable.

What is the dosage / treat rate of the Catalyzal?

Coal Additives are available in powder and liquid form. Normal dosage (treat rate) is 1kg of additive should be used for 1000kg of coal. The coal particle size should be as recommended size for better combustion. The powder additive is sprayed over the coal before feeding into the boiler.

What are the advantages of Catalyzal?

It reduces slag formation(clinker) on the combustion bed It reduces smoke emission It reduces deposits inside the boiler furnace and fire tubes. It increases the steam fuel ratio by 10-20%

Effect on black some

Catalyzal consists a great smoke suppressing agents which are more effective in smoke controlling.

Is Catalyzal applicable on high moisture fuel/coal?

Catalyzal is applicable on moisture range of maximum 28%

Effect of Catalyzal on metallurgy of boiler

Catalyzal is a blend of poly carbonate compounds (extract of pearl) which has the carbonate structure. So that the Catalyzal has no acidic properties and at the same time non - ignitable.